Amazon - Camperforce - Various Locations
Sesonal during the winter months for the holiday purchasing season. They are great to work for but you will bust you butt. 10 plus hour days plus overtime. The wages vary depending on location and schedule. They offer time and a half for overtime. They pay for the campsite, utilities, and offer a 10% discount on Amazon items. Propane is on you so buy an electric heater or two for heating and just use the propane for cooking or also buy a hot plate for cooking and avoid paying for propane all together. Working for them is better than a gym membership. You get paid to walk and walk and develop friendships.

Columbine Cabins - Clark, Colorado
Year round positions available. They are very good to work for. You work a full work week all hours paid and you get full hookup. The is no cable TV no cell phone reception and only modem Internet. You can get cell service a few miles south. Low stress job that can be fast paced at times. You do general store work, office work, clean restrooms, laundry, clean cabins and provide security. You are at 8700 feet above sea level which takes some time to get use to and the cabins are on hilly ground. There is a general store within 8 miles and Steamboat Springs is 26 miles away.

Portland General Electric - Timothy Lake Mt.Hood National Forest
Sesonal during the spring / summer months. They are great to work for but the days are long. 10 plus hour days no overtime and you only get paid for 7 hours as a host and 8 for maintenance personnel. The wages vary depending on job duties. As a host there is no electricity. They provide a bladder for the black water and grey water is dispersed on the ground. Maintenance personnel who stay at the PGE lodge get electricity and the rest is the same as the host. Propane is on you. It is a lot of work and dealing with the campers is mainly on your shoulders for good or bad. The nearest food store is about 26 miles away.

Umatilla Marina and RV Park - Umatilla, Oregon
Sesonal during the fall / winter months. They are terrific to work for. Two 8 hour days you get paid for and 3 half days towards your site. Very low stress job. They provide full hookup and Wifi no cable TV but channels are available via antenna. It is operated by the city of Umatilla so the police handle any difficult problems and you handle the easy ones. You do office work, clean restrooms, and provide security to the RV park and Marina. You are in the city so shopping and services are close by.