Break it down
Let's face it. Sooner or later you gonna need parts. Parts are what hold you together. I suggest that you go to the source. No not going back to the camper manufacture but to the manufacture of the chassis. Dodge is Dodge, Chevy is Chevy and Ford is Ford. Let us not try to complicate the obvious. My bus is built on an Oskosh chassis a modified Ford chassis. Don't look past the fact that it is a Ford. A 460 CI motor and a C6 transmission. The chassis is Ford.

Hardware, Wire, Switches and etc.
If you need nuts, bolts, washers, wire, cable, switches, connectors and etc the place to shop is Electro-Fast. Located in Pennsylvania they offer low prices on high quality items. They carry Cole-Hersee, 3M, Norton, and Permatex just to name a few. Contact Jeff McKinnon who I have been dealing with for more years than I care to mention. I installed an inverter and batteries in my bus and the hardware came from Jeff. While doing the installation I noticed there where quite a few connectors on one battery terminal. More than what would provide a measure of comfort. Cole-Hersee makes a buss bar that allowed me to spread the group of connectors from one stud to many offering less chance of corrosion and increasing connectivity, plus it looks great. So give Jeff a call at 800-854-2201 and get the stuff you need.
Tell him Jim Brown sent you.

Inverters and Accessories
I needed an inverter and Inverter Supply filled my needs. I chose the 3600 watt Aims inverter. One of the major pluses is that it had an a/c direct hook up. This was great for hooking into the a/c portion of my bus. It also has a remote on/off switch available with a good length of wire. Another plus was that they don't charge freight for purchases like an inverter. Knowledgeable sales personel with great service before and after the sale.